Landlord Insurance in California

Landlord Insurance in CaliforniaIf you own a rental property such as a home, condo or duplex, you face unique risks from financial loss. Not only is the property you own at risk from damage, but you personally face risks associated from having a tenant. A Landlord Insurance Policy can help protect all of your risks from rental property by insuring the property itself as well as providing you with broad liability coverage and additional coverage such as wrongful conviction or unlawful entry.

Shopping your insurance from a local independent insurance agency can provide you with the expert consultation you need to determine what coverages best fit your needs. You can choose between fully encompassing policies with more protection, or slimmed down ones depending on your needs. Flexibility is the keyword here.

Landlord Insurance can include:

  • Libel & Slander
  • Wrongful conviction
  • Unlawful entry
  • Personal Injury
  • Non-bodily injury claims
  • Medical Payments
  • Extended Dwelling Coverage
  • & More!

Don’t risk financial loss by owning a rental property. Insure it properly by calling our licensed insurance agency.